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We specialise in personal insurance for individuals and companies associated with financial planning


We’ll help you make sense of the different types of insurance and features available, and ensure you’re protected with appropriate levels of cover.

Financial Planning

Grow and protect your family’s wealth whilst maximising the income you have to support your lifestyle.

Retirement Planning

Reliable and timely advice to ensure you enjoy a comfortable future in retirement. Let our expert team and experience guide you. 

"Been there, done that!"
My story...

I commenced in the Financial Planning industry 38 years ago, in January of 1981, and I am pretty sure I have seen it all.

I’ve experienced the original basics of the Industry by physically collecting insurance premiums at the door. Then into management of a number of Insurance agencies, financial services and banking institutions as Branch Manager.

In my current situation I’m specialising in personal insurance for individuals or companies involved with financial planning.

During my long career, I have experienced two substantial financial down turns in October of 1987 and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2007/2008. Experience has shown me the results of good and bad timing of investments, be it via Superannuation or personal investment, and I’ve seen first had the effect that a substantial loss through “bad investment” has on people’s lives. 

Wealth protection is my primary focus these days as I’ve seen the tragic effect of under-insurance, and this is where I can make a major difference in people’s lives. That is, by having adequate cover via personal insurance, and making sure key people in your life and in your business are protected. 

Take advantage on my services today, and experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from dealing with an industry professional who has your best interests at the fore front of everything I do.

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Satisfied Customers

We have found Chris to be responsive and reliable, and we are very happy with the insurance he recommended to us. When we asked the Doctor to fill out a medical claim form, he told us that most insurance companies won't pay on the type of cancer we were claiming on. To our relief, Chris had aligned us with an insurance company that not only paid, but paid 100% of the benefit, quickly.
Andrew and Bobbie Levy

I will work with you, conduct careful research into your requirements, and advise the most appropriate cover for your circumstances with premium discount.