What is my Business Priority
My clients best interests.
I must admit that sometimes I wonder why I am still in this industry after 39 plus years. Having to comply with all new regulations, compliance auditors, politicians and industry lawmakers has become, or is becoming, a burden that clients just don’t understand in my opinion.
I have experienced life, death and suicide of colleagues, death and suicide of family members, and I have experienced the death and disability of clients. The death of good friends and total rejection on a personal and business level.
So I ask myself, why do I do this work?
It would be easier to just get a job somewhere and simply fade away, but then I remember Maurie.
Maurie was a good mate of mine, and he was also a loyal client. I was experiencing some of the above-mentioned issues some years ago, so I decided to take a break from the Insurance industry. During that time, Maurie needed my help with an insurance policy he had taken out with me some years before. Unfortunately, I was unable to help him. He had let his policy lapse after me not being able to help him.
Unfortunately, some months later he had contracted Cancer, Maurie had no cover. Because he was a mate and good client, I felt obliged to help him in any way I could after I had just walked away from my clients, including Maurie.
So I organised a golf charity day, called around to as many of his friends that I could find and asked them to donate to help Maurie in his time of need, which most of them gladly did. The Golf charity day and Auction was a success.
The point of this little article is that I found myself sitting on Maurie’s loungeroom floor counting 5 & 10 cent coins when in fact I should have been helping him process a claim on his policy that would have paid him far more than the small coins on his room floor.
This is why I came back into the industry and why I do my absolute best for ANY of my clients, regardless of the Faceless people (mentioned above) who try to tell me what I should do in my clients best interests.
What these idiots (per above) don’t understand is that I’ve lived the consequences. I crossed that wall many years ago, and nobody on the other side of the wall will EVER understand my attitude to my client unless they have lived in my shoes. My clients are everything to me.

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Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh has 38 years of direct and indirect experience in the Personal Insurance and Superannuation Industry. Chris is an authorized representative of Vision Planning and Finance (Aust) Pty Ltd - AFSL No. 492807.

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